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Ghosttracker Your Way To Fame And Stardom

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Ghost autowatch Tracker is a leading provider of car tracking and Ghost Autowatch telematics products. They have years of experience installing trackers and fuel monitors. Their knowledgeable staff can provide full maintenance and Ghost autowatch repair services for your new automobile electrical devices. So, if you're considering installing a telematics device in your vehicle, be sure that the installation process will go smoothly and easy.

Despite being a human subject, GhostTracker is actually a 100 series subject developed by the R3 Campus North division of human enhancement. Its primary purpose is to neutralize hostile subjects in the event of an electrical surge. The right arm of the GhostTracker is fitted with electrodes and other special equipment while its eye is equipped with the latest subject detection devices. GhostTracker served with the 107th Subject Retrieval Division even after the R3 corporation was destroyed.

GhostTracker is part of the R3 Enhancement Program and wears a special suit to protect himself from self-contact, which may cause unconsciousness. His right hand is encased with glowing parts, which is hidden to prevent conflict. He is a great candidate for the job due to his perseverance, tomboyishness and determination. The GhostTracker is a very popular character and ghost immobilisers is among the most famous characters in the video game.


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